In our ever-globalizing world, international exchange programs play a pivotal role in fostering cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. Our association is proud to announce that we have been accredited as a sending, supporting, and hosting organization under the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Program. This accreditation marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting volunteerism, community engagement, and intercultural experiences.

What Is ESC PRogram?

The European Solidarity Corps is an initiative by the European Union that offers young people the opportunity to engage in a wide range of solidarity activities. These activities can be both within their own country or abroad. The ESC Program aims to create a sense of solidarity among young Europeans and provide them with valuable experiences that contribute to personal growth and development.

Our Accreditation: A Testament to Our Commitment

Becoming an accredited organization in the ESC Program is no small feat. It requires meeting specific criteria and demonstrating a clear commitment to the program’s objectives. Our association has undergone a rigorous evaluation process, ensuring that we meet the high standards set by the European Union. As a result, we are now officially recognized in the following key roles:

Sending Organization: We have the capacity to select and prepare young people to participate in ESC activities in other countries.

Supporting Organization: We provide logistical and administrative support to young volunteers who embark on their ESC journeys, ensuring they have a fulfilling experience.

Hosting Organization: We are equipped to host and support international volunteers who come to our community to engage in solidarity activities.

Benefits of Our Accreditation

Our accreditation in the ESC Program offers numerous benefits not only to our association but also to the young volunteers and the communities we serve:

International Opportunities: We can send young people to participate in projects across Europe, broadening their horizons and helping them develop a global perspective.

Cultural Exchange: Our organization can now host international volunteers, fostering cross-cultural exchanges that enrich our local community.

Community Impact: By participating in ESC activities, our volunteers contribute to meaningful projects that address various societal challenges, from environmental conservation to social inclusion.

Skill Development: The ESC Program allows volunteers to gain new skills, knowledge, and experiences that will benefit them both personally and professionally.

Our Commitment Continues

As an accredited organization in the ESC Program, our association remains dedicated to its core mission: promoting volunteerism and fostering intercultural understanding. We are excited to continue supporting young people as they embark on transformative journeys, and we look forward to welcoming international volunteers to our community.

This accreditation underscores our commitment to promoting solidarity, youth empowerment, and community development, and we are eager to see the positive impact it will have on our association, the volunteers, and the world at large. We invite all interested individuals to explore the exciting opportunities that the ESC Program offers and to join us on this incredible journey of global solidarity. Together, we can build a brighter, more interconnected future.


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